Pyari Mahira Turkish Drama 2024

Pyari Mahira Turkish Drama 2024 see from our site. “Pyari Mahira,” a Turkish drama, is a remake of “Kizim.” Esra Bilgic plays Mahira, forced to marry wealthy Adnan for money. Following her initial rejection, Mahira falls in love with Adnan. Her past secret could end her marriage and happiness. Furkan Palali plays Nejat Yilmaz, Asli Bekiroglu plays Suna Dogan, Gonca Sariyildiz plays Hande Eymen, Ahmet Saracoglu plays Kemal, Asli Inandik plays Burcu, and Saniye Dogan plays Saniye. Baker Suna’s relationship with wealthy businessman Nejat, whose daughter Mahira considers her mother, is explored. Suna’s crush on Hande, Nejat’s ex-boyfriend and business colleague, complicates their relationship.

Pyari Mahira Turkish Drama 2024

In 2024, Pakistan’s Geo TV carried the Turkish drama Pyari Mahira. The Turkish drama “Kızım” has been remade. Leading the drama is Esra Bilgic as Mahira, a young lady compelled to wed affluent guy Adnan to keep her family afloat financially.

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The drama is a touching tale of love, grief, and atonement. Mahira is reluctant to wed Adnan at first, but she eventually grows to love him. But Mahira’s past—which includes a secret that can end her marriage—threatens to spoil their bliss.

Pyari Mahira Cast Name

Furkan Palali plays Nejat Yilmaz

Furkan Palalı plays Nejat Yılmaz

Asli Bekiroglu plays role Suna Dogan Yilmaz

Aslı Bekiroğlu plays role Suna Doğan Yılmaz

Gonca Sariyildiz plays role Hande Eymen,

Gonca Sarıyıldız plays role Hande Eymen,

Ahmet Saracoglu plays role Kemal

Ahmet Saraçoğlu plays role Kemal

Asli Inandik plays the role of Burcu.

Aslı İnandık plays role Burcu.

Saniye Dogan plays role Saniye,

Saniye Doğan plays role Saniye,

Pyari Mahira Drama Story

“Pyari Mahira” is a Turkish drama that narrates the tale of pastry chef Suna Dogan and successful businessman Nejat Yilmaz. The two get together when Suna gets a job as a housekeeper at Nejat’s home. Suna is reluctant to accept the position at first, but her friend Gonca eventually persuades her.

Pyari Mahira Drama Story

Mahira is Nejat’s young daughter, and he is a widower. Aylin, Mahira’s mother, abandoned Nejat when Mahira was a newborn. Nejat has created tales about Mahira’s mother being away on social projects in Africa, but he has never revealed to her the real reason behind her mother’s disappearance.

Mahira instantly takes a liking to Suna and thinks she is her mother when they first meet. At first, Nejat is hesitant to allow Suna to assume the role of her mother, but he ultimately gives in.

With increasing time spent together, Suna and Nejat start to feel something for one another. But the fact that Suna still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend, Serkan, complicates their relationship.

In the meantime, Hande, Nejat’s business associate, has feelings for him as well. Hande is going to do everything in her power to win Nejat’s heart.

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