Akhara Drama Cast, Timings Episode 4 and More Details

Akhara Drama Cast, Timings, Episode 4, and More Details see from our site. Anjum Shahzad writes and directs the Pakistani thriller “Akhara,” which has been on ARY Digital. Feroze Khan, Sonya Hussyn, and Shamoon Abbasi play in it. An angry, dishonest, and violent love triangle between two buddies and a woman in a wrestling ring is the plot. Jahan must make a difficult choice in Episode 4, “Dhokha” (Deception), after learning his father killed his mother. Mahi discovers Jahan’s secret history, straining relations. The drama won Best Drama Serial and Best Director at the ARY Digital Awards, earning praise from critics and viewers.

Akhara Drama Cast, Timings Episode 4 and More Details

It was first shown on ARY Digital.Akhara is a Pakistani thriller show. Writer and director Anjum Shahzad made the movie. Feroze Khan, Sonya Hussyn, Hina Afridi, Shamoon Abbasi, Yasra Rizvi, Nazr Ul Hassan, Erum Akhtar, Nida Mumtaz, Kashif Hussain, Faraz Farooqui, Srha Asghar, Naima Khan, Asad Ullah Chatha, Sarfaraz Ansari, Majid Khan, Ahsan Ali, Arsalan Khalid, Ume Hani, and Dania Adil are some of the artists who are in the play.

Akhara Drama Cast,

The drama takes place in a wrestling ring and is about two friends who both fall in love with the same woman. There is anger, deception, and violence in the love triangle.

The story did well with both critics and audiences. People liked the acting, the story, and the way it was directed. It also won a lot of awards, like the ARY Digital Awards for Best Drama Serial and Best Director.

Akhara Drama Episode 4

“Dhokha” (Deception) is the name of Akhara episode 4. When Jahan (Feroze Khan) finds out that his father, Sikandar (Faraz Farooqui), killed his mother, he has to make a hard choice. At the same time, Mahi (played by Sonya Hussyn) finds out about Jahan’s secret past, which tests their bond.

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Akhara Drama Timing

  • Broadcast from to the present
  • Every Wednesday at 8 p.m. PKT

Akhara Drama 2024 Cast

The following people are in the 2024 Pakistani show “Akhara”:

  • Feroze Khan plays the young man Dodi Khan, who is very interested in wrestling and wants to win the Akhara title.
  • Sonya Hussyn, as Ayesha, is Dodi Khan’s love interest. She is beautiful and strong-willed.
  • Shamoon Abbasi, as Agha Khan, is Dodi Khan’s teacher and the owner of the Akhara. Shamoon Abbasi plays him.
  • Srha Asghar plays Sana, who is Dodi Khan’s sister and a great fighter.
  • Yasra Rizvi plays Amma: Dodi Khan’s mother, Amma, who is very protective of her son.
  • Nazr Ul Hassan as Baba: He is Dodi Khan’s wrestler-father.
  • Erum Akhtar plays Bibi, who is wise and kind.
  • Nida Mumtaz plays Auntie, who is Dodi Khan’s gossipy aunt.
  • Kashif Hussain plays Ali, who is close to Dodi Khan and is his friend.
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