Upcoming Pakistani Movies 2024 List, Released Date, Cast

A list of upcoming Pakistani movies has been released on this page. We are presenting the list of upcoming Punjabi movies 2024 below. Here you can get all the information related to Pakistani movies, like the Pakistani movie release date, story, and cast of the movie. And likewise upcoming Lollywood movies list, Urdu movies list release schedule, and crew, director, financier, budget, box office collection, trailer, teaser, poster, first look, and much more, so here you have it all.

Upcoming Pakistani Movies 2024

On this page, you can find out which Pakistani movies are going to hit theaters. And more will be released on OTT platforms, whether it’s Netflix or the Amazon Prime Videos catalog. Here’s the latest movie for you to watch this weekend and look forward to. Pakistani film industry is recognized worldwide as having a unique style. Pakistani action-packed, heartwarming dramas have something to teach everyone. You are at the right place if you are looking for new upcoming movies.

Upcoming Pakistani Movies 2024 Download

A list of upcoming Pakistani movies is described below:

In this latest film, a trained young man who specializes in glassmaking goes through the years of his life through his complicated relationships, his land war, and various conflicts.

Pakistan Movie The Glassworker Cast:

Cast In English:

  • Art Malik in the role of Tomas Oliver
  • Sacha Dhawan (picture) in the role of Vincent Oliver
  • Anjli Mohindra (picture of Anjli Mohindra) as Alliz Amano
  • Colonel Amano, played by Tony Jayawardena (picture of Tony Jayawardena)
  • Teresa Gallagher (picture of Teresa Gallagher) as a young Vincent
  • Mina Anwar (picture) portraying Nadia Amano
  • Sham Ali (picture) portraying Malik Khan
  • Penni, played by Maya Soraya (photo by Maya Soraya)
  • Principal Bhatti (picture of Nila Aalia) by Nila Aalia

Cast In Urdu:

  • Tomas Oliver, played by Khaled Anam (photo by Khaled Anam)
  • Mooroo (picture of Mooroo) as Vincent Oliver
  • Alliz Amano, played by Mariam Riaz Paracha (picture of Mariam Riaz Paracha)
  • Colonel Amano, played by Ameed Riaz (picture of Ameed Riaz)
  • Mahum Moazzam (self-portrait) as a young Vincent
  • Faiza Kazi (picture) portraying Nadia Amano
  • Dino Ali (picture) portraying Malik Khan
  • Aysha Sheikh in the role of Penni (Aysha Sheikh image)

Pakistani Movie Shiddat Download

The latest Pakistani film, Isra, leads a love-filled best life and even survives the fall of the Sultan of Time, who overcomes a troubled childhood past to succeed despite his numerous differences.

Pakistani Movie Shiddat Cast:

  • Muneeb butt
  • Anmool Baloch
  • Noor Ul Hassan
  • Erum Akhtar
  • Minsa Malik
  • Hibba Ali Khan
  • Shamyl Khan

Pakistani Movie Poppay Ki Wedding Online

Best is a thriller in which a modern-day up-to-date boy goes to his native village for his sister’s wedding, where his own proposal soon turns into a final relationship with a girl he doesn’t even know. Despite his best efforts, he succumbs to family customs, finally wishing to at least see the face of his future life partner.

Pakistani Movie Poppay Ki Wedding cast:

  • Khushhal khan
  • Nazish Jahangir
  • Rehan Shekh
  • Shumela Nasir
  • Sahra Ijaz Khan
  • Aleezy Rasool
  • Irum Bajwa
  • Rubin Naz
  • Malik Anjum Zaman

Pagal Khana Watch Online

Pagalkhana is one of the most famous Pakistani drama serial which was released in 2024 on Green TV. The drama Madhouse has been receiving positive reviews for its storyline and the cast’s performances.

Pagal Khana Cast:

  • Saba Qamar
  • Sami Khan
  • Momal Sheikh
  • Rana Omair
  • Jawed Sheikh
  • Faiza Gillani
  • Sonia Mishal

Pakistani Movie Daghabaaz Dil Watch Online

The Daghabaaz Dil follows the long-standing feud between two families full of exciting, humorous trials and tribulations. In the drama, her grumpy grandmother hatches a dark plan between Zoya and Faris to unite them through a marriage without their consent, a plan both Zoya and Faris are initially against. Despite their hatred, an intense love slowly blossoms between them as they gossip and face hilarious situations together, ultimately bringing joy to their families as their grandmother’s plan succeeds.

Pakistani Movie Daghabaaz Dil Cast:

  • Mehwish Hayat
  • Ali Rehman Khan
  • Momin Saqib

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