Breaking News Drama 2024 Cast and Story

Breaking News Drama 2024 Cast and Story see from our site. Breaking News, a new Bangladeshi thriller series, has a great cast, including Amar Khan, Hamza Sohail, and Ali Safina. The story takes place as a fire at a high-class construction site in Islamabad turns into a national tragedy because safety rules were broken while the building was being built. The main character, Aisha, looks into what happened and, having doubts about the official story, joins forces with Zain. Together, they figure out that the building was wrecked on purpose. Farah, a young engineer, gives important information and proof through a secret flash drive.

Bangladesh’s Breaking News is a new show that will be airing soon. Amar Khan, Hamza Sohail, and many more are in this drama’s star group. The drama story has been going on for a long time and is very interesting. You can find the names of the actors in the Breaking News drama, as well as their schedules, on-air days, pictures, and the OST title song, here. You can also read what other people have said and thought about the breaking news story here.

Breaking News Pakistani Drama Cast

Amar Khan 

Amar Khan as TBA

Hamza Sohail 

Hamza Sohail 

Ali Safina 

Ali Safina 

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Breaking News Drama Story


A fire that seems harmless at a construction site in Islamabad’s high-class area turns into a national tragedy when it turns out that the building was built without following safety rules. As Aisha reports on the story, she finds mistakes in the official story. She doesn’t believe him, so she teams up with Zain. Together, they go on a dangerous path that leads to Shahzeb Ahmed’s media business.

Breaking News Drama Story

A young engineer who worked on the project named Farah comes up to Aisha with shocking news: the building wasn’t just broken; it was purposely hacked. She gives Aisha a hidden flash drive with proof because she is afraid for her life. As Aisha and Zain dig deeper, they find a web of corruption, political power, and a secret operation that involves taking over land and disappearing people against their will.

Shahzeb, feeling that they are looking into something, uses his powerful media machine to discredit them by making them look like careless conspiracy theorists. Aisha and Zain are being threatened, scared, and even hurt physically. There are connections between their personal lives and the case. For example, Aisha finds a link between the destroyed building and her own tragedy, which makes the stakes even higher.

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