Bulbulay Season 2

Bulbulay Season 2 see from our site. Every Saturday at 6:30 PM PKT, ARY Digital’s Bulbulay Season 2 entertains viewers with its weekly dose of humor. Since 2009, the show has followed the Khan family—Nabeel, Mehmood, Khoobsurat, Momo, and their gorgeous children. It begins with Nabeel and Mehmood’s hilarious journeys through life. Their marriage and parenting become the focus of the story. Episode 236 aired on 2024, and is available online or on ARY Digital. Nabeel Zafar, Mehmood Aslam, Hina Dilpazeer, and Ayesha Omar play the quirky Siddiqui family.”

Bulbulay Season 2

Ah, Season 2 of Bulbulay! It continues to be a weekly source of humour on ARY Digital on Saturdays.

“Bulbulay,” which means “Bubbles” in Urdu, is a Pakistani family show that has been popular since its debut in 2009. The Khan family is the focus of the show. The Khan family includes Nabeel and Mehmood, their wives Khoobsurat and Momo, and their cute kids.

Bulbulay Season 2


You’re not too far behind if you haven’t caught up yet—episode 236 aired on 2024.
Saturdays at 6:30 PM PKT are when new episodes debut.
They are available to view online or on ARY Digital, but exercise caution while accessing unapproved sources. Absolutely an artistic drama, most of the Eid episodes are more fun with a lot of art, and people like it a lot. Most of the four characters are found in it.

Bulbulay Drama Story

At the start of the story, Nabeel and Mehmood are single men living together and dealing with life’s ups and downs with their usual mix of humor and bad luck. People put them in funny situations, like falling for scams or having to deal with their bossy owner. Soon, both boys will find love and get married. Khoobsurat and Momo are now part of the family. As the couples get used to being married and having kids, the show changes and takes on a new look.

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Bulbulay Star Cast

Bulbulay, indeed! The humorous sitcom from Pakistan featuring the unusual Siddiqui family. If you’re inquiring about the cast, you must be a fan!

The members of Bulbulay’s primary cast are:

Nabeel Zafar as Nabeel: Mehmood and Momo’s clever and frequently infatuated kid.

Nabeel Zafar as Nabeel:
Mehmood Aslam, as Mehmood Sahab, is the family patriarch and is well-known for his outrageous antics and passion for cricket.

Mehmood Aslam, as Mehmood Sahab,
Hina Dilpazeer plays Mumtaz, also known as Momo: Mehmood Sahab’s witty, sharp-tongued wife with a golden heart.

Hina Dilpazeer plays Mumtaz,
Ayesha Omar, as Khoobsurat, is Nabeel’s patient and lovely wife, who is frequently annoyed by his antics.

Ayesha Omar, as Khoobsurat,

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