Choti Jehi Zindagi Song 2024

A new Punjabi song called Choti Jehi Zindagi Song 2024 is out now. “Choti Jehi Zindagi,” a moving Punjabi song by ShamPreet that came out in 2024, is about how short life is and how important it is to enjoy every moment. The song, which was written by Ravinder Nath Bhatia and produced by Shanky Beats, uses images of a small lamp that could go out at any time, flowers that bloom and then die, and birds flying away to show how short life is. The theme of the song is summed up in the chorus: “Live this short life to the fullest; live every moment and don’t be sad.” In this powerful song, ShamPreet tells people not to waste the precious gift of life, which is something that people of all ages will definitely relate to.

ShamPreet’s sad Punjabi song “Choti Jehi Zindagi” came out on January 4, 2024. Ravinder Nath Bhatia wrote the moving song “Life’s Transience,” which was put to music by Shanky Beats. It’s about how short life is and how important it is to enjoy every moment. In the beginning of the song, Sham Preet compares life to a small candle that can be suddenly extinguished. He wants his listeners to fully enjoy every day and get the most out of every moment.

As the chorus repeats, “Choti jehi zindagi nu khulke jeemaage, har pal jee lena, udaas nahin hona” (Let’s live this short life to the fullest; let’s enjoy every moment; let’s not be sad.). The words of the song paint a clear picture of how beautiful and fragile life is.

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Sham Preet: sings about flowers that grow and then die, birds that chirp and then fly away, and love that comes and goes. He says again and again that life is a precious gift that doesn’t last long, and he begs his audience to enjoy every moment.

“This is life; it only comes once; we should not waste it,” ShamPreet sings in her farewell message, encouraging everyone to enjoy every moment of it.

“Choti Jehi Zindagi” is a beautiful and moving song that tells us how important it is to enjoy each moment. A lot of people of all ages will connect with its simple but powerful message. Here are parts of the song’s chorus and verses:

The chorus:

“Chhoti jehi zindagi nu khulke jeemaage. Har pal jee lena, udaas nahin hona.” “Let’s make the most of this short life; let’s enjoy every moment and not be sad.”

First verse:

“Ek shama jehi Jivan, Ek pal mei buj jaati hai.” (Life is like a light; it can go out at any time.)”

Second verse:

“Phir mar jaate hain, phalte hain, phool khilte hain.” (“Flowers grow, they thrive, and then they die.”)”

Third verse:

“Fir ud jaata hai, Parinda udaata hai.” (A bird flies, and then it flies away.)

The bridge:

“Aata hai, jata hai, lekin yaad rahta hai.” Though love comes and goes, the memories last a lifetime.

The end:

“Yes, it’s true; I’m sorry. Ise bekar nahin karna.” “This is life; we should not waste it; it only comes around once.”

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