Dhoom 4 Full Movie 2025 Cast, Trailer, Release Date and Budget

Dhoom 4 Full Movie 2025 Cast, Trailer, Release Date and Budget see from our site. Dhoom 4 is one of the Indian new action movies that is scheduled to release on December 25, 2025. As you know, Dhoom 1 to 3 have already been released, and after that, Dhoom 4 will be released. feature Shahrukh Khan and Abu Sheikh Bachchan with a good performance, and the budget of this movie is going to be more than 225 crores.

Dhoom 4 Full Movie 2025 Cast, Trailer, Release Date and Budget

Dhoom 4 is an Indian new movie that is going to be in Hindi. This full movie will be packed with an action trailer, and it will be released in cinemas on Christmas night around December 25, 2025. It is among the movies like That Dhoom 1, which was released in 2002; Dhoom 2 was released in 2006; and Dhoom 3 was released in 2013. Due to the success of all these movies, the fourth episode is also going to be released. Now we will tell you which actors are working on Dhoom 4, its trailer, its release date, and a little guide about its budget.

Dhoom 4 Movie Trailer

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Dhoom 4 Star Cast

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan

Dhoom 4 Movie Release Date

As of the 2022 update, there was no announcement regarding the release date of Dhoom 4, as it is a franchise and one of the most popular action movies. And anyway, Indian movies are full of action and intense action, and many people like them. It is loved, so it has not been revealed yet, but according to other news, it will be released on Christmas, December 25th, 2025. Other than that, no announcement has been made yet.

Dhoom 4 Budget

Bollywood insiders suggest that the budget of Doom Four is going to be very different from other mummies, as the director and producer have put in a lot of effort on it, according to their estimates. 225 crore is going to be budgeted.


  • Genres: Action, Drama
  • Director: Sidhharth Anand
  • Writer: Biswajit Patel
  • Release Date: December 25th, 2025.
  • Language: Hindi
  • Budget: 225 crores
  • Country: India

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