List of Punjabi Movies Cast 2024 Watch Now

List of Punjabi Movies Cast 2024 Watch Now see from our site. Here is the list of upcoming Pollywood movies for 2024 with their release dates, along with the latest trailers for new Pollywood movies. Please be aware that this list is liable to change in terms of accreditation. Furthermore, we possess information about the two Punjabi films that debuted at the Pollywood box office in 2023 and are gearing up to entice you today. The Pollywood film calendar for 2023 is shown below. Along with the release date, we also have crucial details on the cast, official teasers, and every big star, like Suvinder Vicky, Bhinda Aujla, and Nirmal Rishi.

List of Punjabi Movies Cast 2024 Watch Now

Rode College

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“Rode College” is a Punjabi movie. Happy Rode is the director, and Suvinder Vicky will star. Manav Vij, Mahabir Bhullar, and Yograj Singh are the main characters. Other well-known actors who were cast in “Rode College” are Rupinder Rupi, Isha Rikhi, Satwant Kaur, and Manpreet Dolly.
Star Cast
  • Satwant Kaur
  • Rupinder Rupi
  • Manpreet Dolly
  • Dhanveer Singh

Pind America

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“Pind America” Following their relocation to America, Kartar Singh and Amar Kaurr continue to retain their village dear to their hearts. But their son and daughter-in-law observe their only value in regards to the money that they can spare in America.

Star Cast
  • Bhavkhandan Singh Rakhra
  • Preeto Sawhney

Dear Jassi

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“Dear Jassi” is a Punjabi movie. The movie is directed by Tarsem Singh and will include Vipin Sharma, Bk Singh Rakhra, Yugam Sood, and Pavia Sidhu as main characters. carries on the narrative of a youthful couple who frantically want to be together but are split because of time, distance, and cultural norms.
Star Cast
  • Sukhwinder Chahal
  • Sunita Dhir
  • Karan Arora

Allahr Vres

“Allahr Vres” is a Punjabi movie. The movie is directed by Shivamm Sharma and will include Nirmal Rishi, Raj Dhaliwal, and Shavinder Mahal as the main characters. This is an enchanting tale of love because when love loses its color, life becomes even more vivid.
Star Cast

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