Mohabbat Satrangi Drama, Episode 7

Mohabbat Satrangi Drama, Episode 7 see from our site. The seventh episode of Mohabbat Satrangi airs on with Alina (Tuba Anwar) and Ahsan (Junaid Naizi) married. A grand wedding draws friends and family. As Ahsan finally shows Alina love, they love their marriage. After their divorce, Alina’s mother, Safina (Samina Ahmed), disapproves of Ahsan. Alina hopes the marriage works despite her parents’ concerns. Alina and Ahsan’s honeymoon foreshadows relationship troubles. A captivating plot, engaging characters, and stunning imagery make viewers want to see how the pair overcomes the obstacles. Actors include Samina Ahmed, Shahood Alvi, Tuba Anwar, and Junaid Naizi.

Mohabbat Satrangi Drama, Episode 7

saw the airing of the seventh episode of the Pakistani soap series Mohabbat Satrangi. Alina (Tuba Anwar) and Ahsan (Junaid Naizi) get married at the start of the show. Their friends and family come to the wedding, which is a big, fancy event.

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Ahsan and Alina are very happy to be married. He’s finally giving her what she’s always wanted: love. So is Ahsan, who is happy to be married to Alina. He is married to her and loves her very much.

There are some people who are unhappy about the marriage, though. Ahsan still makes Safina (Samina Ahmed), Alina’s mother, mad because he broke up with her daughter. He’s not good enough for Alina, in her opinion. It worries him that Ahsan might not be able to give Alina what she needs.

Alina is set on making her marriage work, even though her parents don’t want it to. She is sure that being together with Ahsan will make her happy.

Mohabbat Satrangi Drama

At the same time, Ayesha (Javeria Saud), Ahsan’s mother, is also worried about the wedding. She’s worried that Alina won’t be able to perform the duties of a housewife.

Shahood Alvi, who plays Ayesha’s husband, Saud, is more upbeat. He thinks that Alina is a lovely person who will make a great wife for Ahsan. After the show, Alina and Ahsan leave for their honeymoon. It makes both of them happy to start a new life together.

Mohabbat Satrangi’s seventh show was well-written and fun to watch. The plot was interesting, and the characters were well-rounded. There were also some beautiful cinematographies in the show.

As the show came to a happy ending, Alina and Ahsan began their new life together. The couple will face problems, though. It’ll be interesting to see how they deal with these problems and make their relationship strong and lasting.

mohabbat satrangi cast

  • Samina Ahmed as Mrs. Malik
  • Shahood Alvi as Mr. Malik
  • Syeda Tuba Anwar as Mahnoor
  • Syed Fazal Hussain as Qasim
  • Junaid Naizi as Ayan
  • Michelle Mumtaz as Mahnoor’s mother
  • Hassan Ahmed as Haris
  • Danial Afzal Khan as Hashim
  • Zooni Shiekh as Sonia

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