Pagal Khana Drama 2024: Cast, Timing, and Story

“Pagal Khana” Drama 2024: Cast, Timing, and Story see from our site. Saba Qamar, Sami Khan, Omair Rana, Momal Sheikh, Syed Jibran, Adnan Shah Tipu, Mashal Khan, Jan Rambo, and Faiza Gilani star in “Pagal Khana,” a Green TV drama. Yatina (Saba Qamar), a famous actress with schizophrenia, is admitted to the “Pagal Khana” mental health center and meets caring physician Shehryar.

Their love evolves despite social obstacles, creating a captivating story about love, resilience, and social challenges. The show’s mental health treatment and performances, especially Saba Qamar’s complex Yatina, are praised. An emotional love and courage narrative, “Pagal Khana” aims to move viewers.

Pagal Khana Drama 2024: Cast, Timing, and Story

The Pakistani drama serial “Pagal Khana” was recently announced on Green TV. This review should guide the drama serial” Pagal Khana” in terms of cast, timing, story, and the very famous actor acting in it. Green TV has introduced many super-hit dramas to Pakistani and worldwide viewers. The Pakistani drama serial “Pagal Khana” is an amazing watch for the audience to love.

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Pagal Khana Drama Cast

Saba Qamar plays Azra

Saba Qamar as Azra

Sami Khan as Kamran

Sami Khan as Kamran

Omair Rana Plays Azra’s father

Omair Rana Plays Azra's father

Momal Sheikh is Kamran’s sister

Momal Sheikh is Kamran's sister

Syed Jibran plays Azra’s friend

Syed Jibran plays Azra's friend

Adnan Shah Tipu plays Azra’s ex-husband

Adnan Shah Tipu plays Azra's ex-husband

Mashal Khan plays Azra’s friend

Mashal Khan plays Azra's friend

Jan Rambo plays Kamran’s friend

Jan Rambo plays Kamran's friend

Faiza Gilani plays Kamran’s mother

Faiza Gilani plays Kamran's mother

Pagal Khana Drama Story

Yatina (Saba Qamar) and Shehryar (Sami Khan) are the main players in the story. Yatina is a famous actress who is having a hard time with her mental health. She is taken to” Pagal Khan” a mental health center, because she has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Shehryar works as a doctor at “Pagal Khana”. He cares about others and is kind, and he falls in love with Yatina slowly.

Pagal Khana Drama Story

At first, Yatina doesn’t want to be with Shehryar, but she starts to feel the same way about him over time. They fall deeply in love with each other as they spend more time together. But they are not allowed to love each other. Yatina’s folks don’t want her to be with Shehryar, so they try to keep the two of them apart.

When people don’t want them to, Yatina and Shehryar have to fight for their love. They have to deal with both their own problems and the problems that society puts them in. Can their love last through all the problems that come up?

People have said nice things about how the show handles mental health problems. It has also been praised for how well the actors played their parts. In her role as Yatina, Saba Qamar has been especially strong. She managed to show how complicated Yatina is as a person and bring her story to life.

The story of love, hope, and strength in “Pagal Khana” is moving and touching. You will remember the story for a long time after you get done watching it.

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