Upcoming Punjabi Movie Rose Rosy Te Gulab 2024 Release Date

Upcoming Punjabi Movie Rose Rosy Te Gulab 2024 Release Date see from our site. Here are the upcoming Punjabi movies for 2024, with release dates in addition to the newest trailers of new Pollywood movies. Kindly take note of that this list is liable to change as it depends on censorship approval. Moreover, we have information on both Pollywood movies that have made it to the Pollywood box office in 2023 and that we are preparing to link up with you this week. The list is somewhat unfinished still, as more movies will be listed in it as the year goes by. Along with the release date, we also have important information on the star cast, official trailers, and all the main stars, like

Upcoming Punjabi Movie Rose Rosy Te Gulab 2024 Release Date

Rose Rosy Te Gulab

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“Rose Rosy Te Gulab” Gulab is exhausted from being a bachelor and persistent rejection by all appropriate mates. On the advice of his friends, he follows the path of expression, but through a series of comic events, he is stalled between two girls, Rose and Rosy. Now, who will he choose? Or will he reject both? All this is fulfilled by a new dose of comedy and romance in the movie. Rose Rosy Te Gulab” is an upcoming Pollywood movie. The film is directed by Manvir Brar and will star Gurnam Bhullar, Mahi Sharma, Karamjit Anmol, and Harby Sangha as the main characters.

Star Cast

Gurnam Bhullar

Gurnam Bhullar

“Gurnam Bhullar,” born February 8, 1994, in Kamal Wala village, is a Punjabi singer, actor, and linked lyricist with Punjabi-language music and movies. He is most renowned for his single, Diamond, released in 2018.

Pranjal Dahiya

“Pranjal Dahiya,” born May 5, 2001, is an Indian dancer and model in the music industry in Haryana.
She became known in 2018. She is currently the highest-earning model in the Haryanvi entertainment industry.

  • Genres: Romance
  • Writer: Preet Sanghreri
  • Release Date: 2024
  • Language: Punjabi
  • Country: India

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