Upcoming Series Turkish Dramas 2024

Upcoming Series Turkish Dramas 2024 see from our site. The classification of shows below is based on the present Turkish TV rankings, each network’s history of cancellations, and additional elements such as overseas marketing. The information below will change Often, as more information becomes accessible,.

Yalan (The Lie) (Winter 2024): This play tells the story of Meliki, who was wrongfully imprisoned for 20 years. After his release, he must rebuild his life and face the people who wronged him.

Güzel Atlar Diyarı (Land of Beautiful Horses) (Fall 2024): This drama is set in the world of horse racing and tells the story of a young woman who dreams of becoming a jockey.

Shahrazad (Scheherzadeh) (Fall 2024): This drama retells the classic story of Scheherazade, a woman who uses storytelling to save her life.

Zamanın Kapıları (Gates of Time): This drama is a historical drama that tells the story of two families who are connected by a time traveling portal.

Sorgu Odası (Interrogation Room): This is a 10-part crime drama that follows a team of detectives who investigate a murder case.

Renkli Rüyalar Oteli (Colorful Dream Hotel) (10-episode series): This drama is a heartwarming story about a group of people who find friendship and support in a small hotel.

Black Heart (Fall 2024): This drama is a dark and suspenseful story about revenge and betrayal.

Şapkacı Kadınlar (Millner Women) (Fall 2024): This drama is set in the 1950s and tells the story of three women who work in a hat shop.

Avenida Brasil (Remake) (Genre: Drama, Romance): This is a Turkish remake of the popular Brazilian telenovela of the same name.

Aşk ve Gurur (Love and Pride): This play is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel “Pride and Prejudice”.

Alı-Kara (Crimson-Black) (Fall 2024): This drama is the story of two families who are locked in a conflict.

King The Land Remake: This is a Turkish remake of the popular South Korean drama “King the Land.”.

Tamirci (Ray Donovan remake): This is a Turkish remake of the American crime drama series “Ray Donovan.”.

Upcoming Series Turkish Dramas 2024

We have compiled a collection of all Turkish shows currently in production so you can find out how the new dramas are doing this year, their cast list, and how to update them. You will get all kinds of information from this page, This paste is updated for new entertainment shows by drama serials so that it is easy for you people and notification in their title. It is also said.

Aşk ve Gurur (Love and Pride)

The story is about a family who live in the mansion of their father, Köksoylars, and have three daughters, but their circumstances do not last as they are; everything is about to be destroyed. Just like Tolga enters their lives, he belongs to a rich family, thinking that if one of the three daughters marries him, life can continue as before. And it is believed that the eldest daughter will marry him.

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Similarly, for the eldest daughter, Mercan, who is against him, instead of Tolga love, it becomes a big wall between them, because of which they are both immersed in pride, so they do not like each other. Besides Mercan, who happens to have a heart for Tolga, his middle sister Gull turns his attention away from Mercan to Gull, and the two fall in love. Tolga’s story is that he is also in debt to free himself, so he agrees to marry her, so she rushes into marriage, and her mother says to get married as soon as possible. It should be done so that our problems are solved.

Star Cast
  1. Burcu Özberk as Yasemin Yılmaz
  2. Berk Atan as Can
  3. Eda Ece as Elif
  4. Seda Akman as Ceyda
  5. Cemal Toktaş as Fikret
  6. Sinan Albayrak as Akif
  7. Ayşen Sezerel as Gül
  8. Derya Karadaş as Hacer
  • Genres: Drama
  • Director: Murat Şenöy
  • Production: Yeşil Yapım
  • Time: 45mint
  • Country: Turkish

‘King The Land’ Remake

This story is about a girl who is not very educated, but she wants to work at the King Hotel. One day she goes for an interview and gives her interview. She looks very talented in the interview. She is well liked by everyone, and that’s how she gets selected, and she works very well in this hotel. She has been getting the best talent award for three years. Likewise, when the son of the owner of the hotel comes, she becomes attracted to him, but she does not know that he is the son of the owner of the hotel. She works a lot and earns a lot of money, she also has a grandmother who loves her very much, and the girl has two friends.

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She spends quite a bit of time at the hotel, but when she finds out what she gets after working at the hotel is to go to a rich house and become his maid, she quits this job and starts a small family of her own. If you build a hotel, that’s how it ends.

Star Cast
  • Cho Seong-hoon
  • Kim Do-kyun
  • Han Jae-hoon
  • Kim Tae-kyung
  • Ahn Ji-eun
  • Ahn Se-ha
  • Kim Ga-eun
  • Kim Jae-won
  • ‎Son Byong-ho
  • Geners: Romance
  • Director: Richard Stanley
  • Production: MF Yapım
  • Time: 45mint
  • Country: K-Drama


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This story is about an innocent girl who suffers a lot for her family’s mistakes. She doesn’t know what her family has done in her past life, but she has to suffer a lot. The girl keeps running after an innocent and handsome boy who is a doctor, witnesses the sins of others, and has to bear the loss of her family. There is a son, and he is from a poor family. His story starts when he meets the boy after his transformation and tells him everything about him, and he has to take revenge.

Star Cast
  1. Ahmet Melih Yılmaz
  2. Ertuğrul Aytaç
  3. Caner Şahin
  4. Serdar Orçin
  5. Denizhan Akbaba
  6. Mahmut Gökgöz
  7. Emir Benderlioğlu
  8. Melih Özkaya
  • Geners: DramaRomance
  • Director: Selçuk Şahin
  • Episode: 120
  • Time: 50 minutes
  • Country: Turkish

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